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Music Recommendations

Escaping Reality with Yasumu

I recently discovered Yasumu (aka Norman Dueck) on Instagram since he was invited to a Instagram Live interview with Lofi Records. After watching the stream, I was intrigued with Yasumu’s latest album, Escaping Reality, and started exploring his profile. I fell in love with… Read More »Escaping Reality with Yasumu

Dusk Till Dawn with eleven

Dusk Till Dawn is a single released by eleven & Moetown this week—this track also got added to the Moonlight Beats Spotify editorial playlist, which is an amazing accomplishment.  This track gives off a sleepy vibe and the piano melody beautifully leads the flow of the song… Read More »Dusk Till Dawn with eleven

Hope Truth and Iodine

Today, Andy Quan released his first vocal track, which was a cover remix of Frank Joshua‘s “Hope, Truth, and Iodine.” You can listen to Andy’s version here on Spotify or watch the music video on YouTube. Firstly, what a wonderful song to create a remix version… Read More »Hope Truth and Iodine

First Autographed CD

It finally arrived!!!  I connected with Offghost when he joined my team for the Sonder project. It was an awesome experience collaborating with him and I had a lot of fun creating our track, “Beyond the Horizon” together. During the same month Sonder was… Read More »First Autographed CD

Winter with Andy Quan

winter is a single released by Andy Quan last Friday—his first track featuring his own piano recording. Once again, Andy continues to impress his listeners by reaching new personal milestones like recording his own piano composition.  For someone like me who have never… Read More »Winter with Andy Quan