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First Autographed CD

It finally arrived!!! 

I connected with Offghost when he joined my team for the Sonder project. It was an awesome experience collaborating with him and I had a lot of fun creating our track, “Beyond the Horizon” together. During the same month Sonder was released, Offghost released his debut EP, Memories, and I loved the simplicity in the cover art, the beats in his tracks, and the overall vibe the EP radiated. 

You can read my review on the EP here.

Through conversations, I learned that Offghost was planning to create CDs for his release, and I really appreciated all the advice he shared about the whole process. 

In August, I began collecting memorabilia from all my music collaborators, so I really wanted to add Offghost’s CD to my collection. Plus, who wouldn’t want an autographed copy too! (I just had to ask) 

Offghost was happy to make that reality come true, and now I own this super cool souvenir!

Today, I received my autographed copy of Offghost’s EP in the mail. I was super excited to open the package. Definitely something I can’t wait to show off to everyone! 

With COVID restrictions now lifted in most places, I am beginning to reach out to venues and community members to find opportunities to promote my books and music. I’ve successfully landed a few virtual opportunities for workshops, podcasts, and panel discussions. But, these opportunities are limited when it comes to showcasing my entire author’s platform. The most I can do is refer people to my website and hope they read up about Sonder to learn more about the musicians involved. 

I think it’s really important to highlight the musical component to my releases, even though the core of my focus is the books itself. I know that without the help of my collaborators, none of the music would have been possible. So I was thinking about how I could show my appreciation. As a way to give back to them, I have plans to set up a table at any of my in-person events so that my readers can learn about lofi music and the musicians I work with. That’s when I got the idea of collecting souvenirs to ‘decorate’ the table, so that it’s not just filled with ‘musician one-sheets’ that contain their bios from my website and links to all their socials and Spotify. 

I’ve secured one event for later in the fall (more details to come). So, I will definitely be showcasing this beauty at the event. Thanks Offghost for the autographed copy of your EP. This totally made my Friday even more awesome!

Grab your own copy of Memories today, by clicking here to purchase.

Check out Offghost’s EP on Spotify and read his bio here.

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