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“Somebody to You” with The Banners

Someone to You” by Banners is one of the tracks from their album Where the Shadow Ends

This song came up as a suggested YouTube video and it caught my attention because of the title. While listening to the track, the lyrics surprisingly spoke to me. It was truly a beautiful moment.

Doesn’t everyone want to be ‘somebody’ to ‘someone’? So many people feel hopeless because they have nobody to turn to. However, I’ve always believed that even in our darkest hours, there will be somebody who will guide us through. It might not be the same person each time, or it might be someone you least expect. But, there is always someone. Only when we believe there is nobody, then we’ve given up all hope. 

One of the reasons why I decided to become a published author was because I wanted to be that ‘somebody’ to ‘someone’ by offering support to those who need a little push in the right direction. 

This song perfectly summarizes my stance as an individual and reminds listeners that we don’t necessarily have to be making huge waves to make a difference to someone in their life. A ripple can be the beginning of something. You can be that ripple.

Add “Someone To You” to your playlist and check out other songs by Banners to be inspired.

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