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Lost with Flapjaques & with me, with you

lost by Flapjaques and with me, with you is a single released back in August, which caught my attention because of the beautiful cover art by sarqa.

This track has very sleepy vibes and when you listen to it, you feel the emotions one would experience when they feel ‘lost.’ I thought it was a brilliant piece because of the piano melody, and with the cover art, I began putting myself into the shoes of this girl holding a lantern in a forest filled with fireflies. 

It was strange because as the song progressed, I felt like I was moving further along through the forest and despite being lost, I gained a sense of direction with the help of these fireflies lighting the way. Honestly, this song was a masterpiece in storytelling.

Add lost to your playlist today, and get ‘lost’ in that beautiful piano melody in this track.

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