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April 2022

Who am I fooling?

Sometimes, I like to fool myself. I’ll turn a blind eye to the truth, ever so willingly, just to avoid admitting defeat.  I want my passion to write and create to burn like a flame. A flame that can never… Read More »Who am I fooling?

Driveway with Offghost

Offghost is a music producer who recently released a single on April 1st called “Driveway.” When I first listened to this track, I thought it was impressive how he captured the positive energy someone would feel when they drive up onto… Read More »Driveway with Offghost

Why variety is good?

Has this ever happened to you? You are assigned a book report project and you are given a choice between three books that are totally different than your normal leisure reading material. Looking at the covers, you begin to cringe,… Read More »Why variety is good?

The Fox and Grapes

Let me share with everyone today a fable about a fox and grapes. One day, a fox was walking home through the forest and spotted a bunch of grapes hanging from a lofty branch. The fox decided to grab a… Read More »The Fox and Grapes

Blue jay

Every morning now, I can hear the sound of blue jays chirping, so I thought to try drawing one. What do you think? The blue jay—as a Torontonian, I associate the blue jay with our baseball team, but this songbird… Read More »Blue jay