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February 2022

Winter Olympics 2022

Here’s a Canadian summary for the 2022 Winter Games held from Feb 4th to Feb 20th in Beijing, China. There were 109 events and a giant panda named Bing Dwen was the official mascot. Beijing made history as the first… Read More »Winter Olympics 2022

Season of Love

February is the month of love ♥️ and just like snow, love beautifies everything it covers.  Next month will be a special one for me, and I’m looking forward to seeing how all my book projects progress. With spring just… Read More »Season of Love

Unravel Me

I wrote a poem called ‘Unravel Me’ inspired by Rosendale‘s song ‘Boys Feel Sad Too.’ I chose the word ‘unravel’ because it can be defined as solving something complicated or puzzling. We often hide our real face to the world because… Read More »Unravel Me

Don’t let it go

I wrote a poem called ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ inspired Alec Benjamin‘s song ‘Let Me Down Slowly.’  Alec’s song asks for finding sympathy when things get tough. A gentle reminder that our presence impacts the lives of others and we should… Read More »Don’t let it go