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Music Review on l’eupe’s album now available on Medium

Today I’m going to share with you my debut music review article on Medium titled, ‘Can we re-live our summer experiences? A full review of l’eupe’s debut lofi album, The Time We Have Left.’

I was really excited to publish this article because I’ve been working on it over the past 2 months. Make sure to follow l’eupe on his musical journey and check out his other releases on Spotify

Here’s a preview of my article: (full article available here)


Summertime is a time when every sensation of our five senses is on overdrive; our minds become influenced by the wisdom of summer, and the long summer days delude us by entertaining the hope that these days will last forever. But summer, just like any other season, eventually comes to an end. So, how can we fully encompass the entire breadth of our summer experiences?

L’eupe, a German artist and music producer, tackles this challenge with the release of his debut lofi album, The Time We Have Left. This album is truly one of a kind; it takes listeners on a journey through an unweighted summer day and is complete with stories and imagery that plays on your emotions. It’s not every day when you find an album where the artwork is a perfect complement to the music, and the music is a perfect complement to the stories.

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