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September 2022

Words without vowels

Yesterday, I shared some word trivia for your next coffee conversation.  Here’s a few more if you’re looking for some fun facts to share before the lunch hour: Believe it or not, there are 2 five letter words in the… Read More »Words without vowels

Happy Birthday Mark

Sending birthday greetings to Mark Schirmacher who released his epic collab album today called 1972: Here and Gone. What a great way to celebrate a milestone birthday with the drop of an album that represents all the memories from the past… Read More »Happy Birthday Mark

Cute but they bite

Finally! I met my bestie’s rabbit, Penny, last week. She’s adorable, furry, and oh, did I mention – she bites! Ouch!  Honestly, I was not expecting to be bitten by a rabbit. But, I did get a lovely souvenir to… Read More »Cute but they bite

What’s in a name?

Have you ever seen street signs that make you wonder why they were named the way they are? Well, what if we go one step further and think about city names?   I’m sure there’s a story behind every name, and… Read More »What’s in a name?