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January 2022

Thank You

This poem was created thanks to two musicians who’ve inspired me to grow as a writer. Even today, these two outstanding musicians continue to inspire me with their dedication to their craft. Kromatix_ is a rare gem. I’m a huge… Read More »Thank You


Can failure be beautiful? I wrote a poem called ‘Beauty’ inspired by eleven‘s discography. ‘Redeem Myself‘ by eleven & Visio inspired this poem, and let me add that the cover art is beautiful. Make sure to listen to their song on Spotify and… Read More »Beauty


I wrote a poem called ‘Reminder’ written for my future self.  I wrote this poem (and a few others) while listening to Ryan Walker‘s album ‘To My Younger Self‘. ‘Melancholy Goodbye,’ by Ryan Walker and Lucas Belinsoni, was the song from… Read More »Reminder