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Peter Pan Was Right with Anson Seabra

Anson Seabra does it again grabbing my attention with magical lyrics that reference classic fairy tales I grew up reading. I discovered one of his songs that references Peter Pan called “Peter Pan Was Right.”

Peter Pan tells a tale of a free-spirited and mischievous young boy named Peter Pan, who spends his life in a never-ending childhood, flying from his mythical island of Neverland to meet with Wendy. This story, although fictional, highlights the importance of our childhood experiences and why a part of us should never grow up if we want to keep the magic of our imagination in our hearts. 

Whenever I think of the story Peter Pan, I feel a bit sad because I think of myself and how growing up as made me forget about many of the joys from my childhood. When we’re young, I find that we appreciate simple and small things a lot more. Perhaps because we are naive and haven’t seen much of the world yet, so our expectations aren’t as high, but I believe that this is when the world seems much more magical. 

Now as a parent, I have my son to thank for reminding me of the joys of my childhood. Fairytales might be a world of make-believe, but it’s definitely not a waste of time to indulge in. I want to remind everyone that Peter Pan, just like many other fairy tale characters, should never be forgotten when we grow up. We can all fly in our dreams, and if we want to fly in real life, then don’t ever forget in the magic from our childhood. Only if we keep our imagination and creativity in mind, then can we enjoy the pleasures of the world to its fullest. It’s okay if a part of us doesn’t want to grow up just quite yet.

Listen to Anson Seabra’s “Peter Pan Was Right” on Spotify and add this song to your playlist today.

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