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April 2021

Let’s #TurnMayGrey

Tomorrow is the beginning of a very important event. The entire month of May is Brain Tumour Awareness Month and people from around the world would help #TurnMayGrey to raise awareness. Many supporters would wear grey (or post pictures of… Read More »Let’s #TurnMayGrey

Quote: reading

“Reading forces you to be quiet in a world that no longer makes place for that.” ~ John Green One of my favourite John Green quotes. I’m so glad that my parents nourished my love for reading and that I… Read More »Quote: reading

Movie Review: Soul

Soul was one of those hot ticket animated movies everyone was talking about and I was really excited to watch this one. This was probably the most ‘grown up’ movie by Pixar ever. The life lessons, the deeper questions you… Read More »Movie Review: Soul