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Birthday Haiku

Today is my birthday and to celebrate, I wrote a haiku.  Thank you to my wonderful family for surprising me today. It was a simple celebration with a matcha green tea cake and some takeout. I was freed of cooking and… Read More »Birthday Haiku

Gains and Losses

I wrote a poem called ‘Gains and Losses’ inspired by Nate Clover‘s single ‘Better Days.’ Check out the song here on Spotify and add it to your playlist. 


I wrote a poem called ‘Everything’ inspired Stardog Lofi and Jeffu‘s single ‘Day to Day.’ Make sure to listen to their song on Spotify. You’ll feel more appreciative of everything going on in your life after listening to this song.


I wrote a poem called ‘Patience’ inspired by the song ‘Frozen Memories‘ by Ben Jammin’ Beats and Vix Bangz, released by Lifted Lofi Records.  Make sure to listen to their song on Spotify. It’s brilliant!

Spring begins

Today is World Poetry Day, an annual event on March 21st to celebrate one of humanity’s most treasured forms of cultural and linguistic expression and identity. Celebrate World Poetry Day with me by writing your own creation and sharing it… Read More »Spring begins

Unravel Me

I wrote a poem called ‘Unravel Me’ inspired by Rosendale‘s song ‘Boys Feel Sad Too.’ I chose the word ‘unravel’ because it can be defined as solving something complicated or puzzling. We often hide our real face to the world because… Read More »Unravel Me

Don’t let it go

I wrote a poem called ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ inspired Alec Benjamin‘s song ‘Let Me Down Slowly.’  Alec’s song asks for finding sympathy when things get tough. A gentle reminder that our presence impacts the lives of others and we should… Read More »Don’t let it go

Thank You

This poem was created thanks to two musicians who’ve inspired me to grow as a writer. Even today, these two outstanding musicians continue to inspire me with their dedication to their craft. Kromatix_ is a rare gem. I’m a huge… Read More »Thank You


Can failure be beautiful? I wrote a poem called ‘Beauty’ inspired by eleven‘s discography. ‘Redeem Myself‘ by eleven & Visio inspired this poem, and let me add that the cover art is beautiful. Make sure to listen to their song on Spotify and… Read More »Beauty


I wrote a poem called ‘Reminder’ written for my future self.  I wrote this poem (and a few others) while listening to Ryan Walker‘s album ‘To My Younger Self‘. ‘Melancholy Goodbye,’ by Ryan Walker and Lucas Belinsoni, was the song from… Read More »Reminder