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Don’t worry

Don’t worry. No one else knows what they’re doing either.

I remind myself this all the time when I’m in an awkward situation, feeling anxious, or lacking confidence.

But really, we’ve all experienced this feeling before. This feeling of uncertainty. 

Good news, is that you’re not alone. In reality, no one really knows what they’re doing. Many of us have bouts of imposter syndrome, so we begin doubting everything we do, including our successes. 

So, if you’re feeling this way, take a deep breath and just relax. Don’t waste your energy worrying over things that are out of your control. Instead of comparing yourself to others, stop being skeptical. Lean on others, rather than comparing yourself to them, and find ways to change your mindset so you can encourage yourself to stop worrying over trivial matters.

We don’t need to know everything. That’s the beauty of life.

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