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March 2022

Birthday Haiku

Today is my birthday and to celebrate, I wrote a haiku.  Thank you to my wonderful family for surprising me today. It was a simple celebration with a matcha green tea cake and some takeout. I was freed of cooking and… Read More »Birthday Haiku

Gains and Losses

I wrote a poem called ‘Gains and Losses’ inspired by Nate Clover‘s single ‘Better Days.’ Check out the song here on Spotify and add it to your playlist. 


I wrote a poem called ‘Everything’ inspired Stardog Lofi and Jeffu‘s single ‘Day to Day.’ Make sure to listen to their song on Spotify. You’ll feel more appreciative of everything going on in your life after listening to this song.


I wrote a poem called ‘Patience’ inspired by the song ‘Frozen Memories‘ by Ben Jammin’ Beats and Vix Bangz, released by Lifted Lofi Records.  Make sure to listen to their song on Spotify. It’s brilliant!

Spring begins

Today is World Poetry Day, an annual event on March 21st to celebrate one of humanity’s most treasured forms of cultural and linguistic expression and identity. Celebrate World Poetry Day with me by writing your own creation and sharing it… Read More »Spring begins

National Cereal Day

Today is National Cereal Day, so what better way to celebrate than with a bowl of cereal. Did you know that cereal was invented by accident by 1877 John Harvey Kellogg and Will Keith Kellogg who were experimenting with boiled… Read More »National Cereal Day