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March 2021

I don’t get diets

Dieting. I don’t really understand the concept. Now I’m not saying to eat whenever you want and whatever you want. That’s not really ideal either. But, I also don’t believe that applying a diet plan that explicitly tells you how… Read More »I don’t get diets

Quote: honey

“Hope is the only bee that makes honey without flowers.” ~ Robert Green Ingersoll Sometimes things happen that can’t be explained. Some may even call them miracles. But, hope is one of the few things in life that can make… Read More »Quote: honey

Movie Review: Mulan

Many girls have a favourite Disney princess and my favourite isn’t the classic Cinderella or Snow White. It’s Mulan.  I love the story of Mulan and although the cartoon version with a talking dragon isn’t really realistic, the idea of… Read More »Movie Review: Mulan

Man’s best friend

Why are dogs the only animal that has the title as man’s best friend? Here are some reasons why people claim dogs are the ultimate pet: Dogs have great memories: When you come home from work, your dog isn’t going… Read More »Man’s best friend