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Editing, design, and coaching services

#1 Priority is Quality

Doris has been editing and designing print media (e.g., pamphlets, journals, guides, magazines, and flyers) since 2005 as the Chief Copy Editor and Program Coordinator for several environmental agencies. She is now the Chief Editor for a non-fiction book publishing company specializing in self-help books and the lead editor for an author service company.
Doris offers editing services for fiction (e.g., poetry, short stories, novels, plays, and even video game narratives) and non-fiction (e.g., textbooks, workbooks, memoirs, and biographies). She also designs reader magnets, 3D mockups, book trailers, and content for social media. Doris's experiences have primed her to be an extremely attentive editor and highly creative designer, delivering a fast turnaround without ever sacrificing quality.
Doris is committed to helping authors achieve clarity and momentum towards their book's publication. Read below for more information on each service, check out her blog, or contact Doris today for more details.

Editing Services

Discover the different types of editing

Developmental Editing

This is the first stage of editing. Doris will look at your manuscript as a whole (e.g., plot, structure, characterization) and examine story structure and elements. This will include examining whether the story makes sense and determining if chapters need to be removed or reorganized. 

Content Editing

Doris will go deeper into your manuscript and focus on the readability, pace (flow), and the character’s voice. This will include examining the strength and weaknesses of the manuscript relevant to engaging the target audience and determining if the characters are relatable.

Copy Editing

This is the more technical side of editing. Doris will focus on grammar and correctness of the text (e.g., spelling and punctuation), including word choice to ensure each word has its intended impact. Also, Doris will help improve your writing by improving consistency and reducing wordiness.


This is the most basic type of editing. Doris will ensure that your manuscript is free of any errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. She will also check if the typography is consistent and that your genre’s formatting corresponds to standards. 

Each type of editing can be completed as separate rounds or simultaneously, so if you are interested in signing up for more than one, please let Doris know. For more information on editing, please check out Doris’s blog post from #EditingWeek here.

Editing fees are charged at a per word basis where the rate is dependent on the number and type of editing services you require. Prices start at less than 1 cent per word. For more information on pricing for your manuscript, please contact Doris for a quote. 

Doris also offers a free 500-word sample edit if you’re interested in developmental, content, and/or copy editing. This sample edit is a very detailed look into the revisions that can be made to your work and helps you decide on what services are best for your manuscript. Please contact Doris for more details.



Having your work professionally edited gives your manuscript a professional look and feel.


Your work represents you. Let an editor attach quality to your name.


Edited work gives your book a higher chance for success in the market.

Design Services

Discover Our Promotional Products

Reader Magnets

This is an excellent way to expand the experience of your reader by offering them a companion photobook, pocket guide, poster, checklist, journal, day planner, workbook, or pamphlet. Starting at $75 and will be determined per project. For more information on reader magnets, check out this blog post here

3D Mockups

This is an effective marketing tool that can catch a reader’s interest and engage them to check out your book. If you have a product like a book, magazine, journal, or guide, a 3D mockup is the perfect addition to your marketing strategy. If your cover is ready, get in touch with Doris for a set of 3D mockups, that’ll be ready to upload straight to social media, ads or even your own website. Starting at $20, to see some samples, click here

Book Trailers

If you have an amazing story and an eye-catching cover, the only thing you’re missing before you launch is the WOW-factor. Book trailers are an extension to 3D mockups; it is a short video that grabs your reader’s attention. Imagine a movie trailer, but for a book. So, what better way to entice your audience than by creating a custom book trailer that you can add to social media or your website. Starting at $80 and will be determined per project. For more information on book trailers, check out Doris’s blog post here.

Social Media and Marketing

Social media is the most cost effective method for marketing your product(s) so let Doris help you set up your social media accounts or plan content to help engage your audience. Doris can design social media posts and banners for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. Starting at $50 and will be determined per project. For more information on the benefits of social media, read Doris’s blog post here

Let Doris help you create engaging content that is both visually appealing and effective at grabbing your reader’s attention. Packages for any design services can be combined. For more information on pricing for your specific project, please contact Doris for a quote. If the options above don’t match exactly what you have in mind, please let Doris know and we can look into creating something custom just for you.

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Having your work professionally designed gives your marketing products a professional look and feel, just like your book.


Your work represents you. Let a designer ensure that everything has quality written all over it.


Expand the experience of your readers by creating engaging materials.

Coaching Services

Writing Support

Wouldn’t it be great if someone guided you through your writing journey? Advising you before your entire manuscript is complete to catch big glaring issues? Well, Doris is here to help! Sign up for writing support to get help while you’re writing your draft.

Self-Publishing Support

Self-publishing doesn’t have to be so tough. Get Doris to help guide you through your self-publishing journey as she outlines the steps involved after the writing phase of your book. She can set you up with designers and formatters, and even help with choosing book categories and publishing onto KDP or IngramSparks.

Marketing Support

Being a self-published author means that you’ll have to market your book by yourself. Doris understands the challenges of book promotion, so let her help you set up a good marketing plan for your first 90 days of launch. Doris can work with you to create a marketing schedule with suggestions on where to set up ads, book pricing, and other exposure outlets.

As a professional editor and bestselling self-published author, Doris offers one-on-one coaching calls for writers who are interested in getting support while writing (writing support), post-writing (self-publishing support), and post-launch (marketing support). Coaching packages start at $30 and will be determined by client. If you would like to read about the step-by-step process of getting your book published, check out my blog post hereFor more information about coaching, contact Doris for more details.



You will get direct support via coaching calls because you ask the questions you want answers to.


Your work represents you. Let an experienced coach ensure you're on the right track before it's live to the public.


You can set up weekly coaching calls to catch issues before they become big, which can be a major time-saver in your progress.