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Hope Truth and Iodine

Today, Andy Quan released his first vocal track, which was a cover remix of Frank Joshua‘s “Hope, Truth, and Iodine.” You can listen to Andy’s version here on Spotify or watch the music video on YouTube.

Firstly, what a wonderful song to create a remix version – a song that shares the beauty of creating love from hardship. The line that spoke to me was actually this one: “I will show you all the magic you can dream.” That moment when our dreams become a reality is something special, but I’m sure many of us would agree that dreams come with a journey through struggle. 

Andy began his music career at a young age, but has never released any vocal tracks until this one. His recent blog post shares the challenges he faced with being gifted with perfect pitch, and how it has limited him in progressing vocally. Personally, I think the challenges Andy faced reflect what perfectionists struggle with too, so it’s not specific to music. When your mind is set on an expectation, anything less is out of the question. This mindset does affect your self-confidence, but changing it also challenges your values. I talked about this earlier in the week when I wrote about pushing your boundaries

I believe everyone has the ability to accomplish anything, and even with limiting factors, nothing really is impossible. However, everything in life goes back to your mindset. Self-doubt creates a mental barrier, but not a physical one. This is what we often forget. How we handle those feelings of self-doubt to reach our end goal is what sets us apart from those who wait. And I’m glad that Andy didn’t wait anymore because his version of Hope, Truth, and Iodine was wonderful to listen to.

When I listen to vocal tracks, I want to hear the emotion in the singer’s voice, and despite being his first, Andy successfully accomplished this, particularly in the chorus of the song. Plus, because Andy has perfect pitch, I believe it actually helped him match the tone and vocal ranges from the original sung by Frank Joshua. If you play both songs side-by-side, you will notice that they are comparable in many ways. 

Check out Andy’s version of Hope, Truth, and Iodine. Add this chill-hop remix to your playlist. And between us, I liked Andy’s version more. 

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