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Random Thoughts

Placebo Effect

The placebo effect is a mysterious thing that has been long researched in medicine. When improvements are observed, despite the use of no active medical treatment (hence a placebo), the placebo effect occurs. Think of giving someone an empty capsule,… Read More »Placebo Effect

Lazy Monday

Today is a Lazy Monday. I just want to sleep in and practice the fine art of being lazy … and for some reason today, I kept imagining scenes from an anime where the main protagonist is always listless (I… Read More »Lazy Monday

Words without vowels

Yesterday, I shared some word trivia for your next coffee conversation.  Here’s a few more if you’re looking for some fun facts to share before the lunch hour: Believe it or not, there are 2 five letter words in the… Read More »Words without vowels

Cute but they bite

Finally! I met my bestie’s rabbit, Penny, last week. She’s adorable, furry, and oh, did I mention – she bites! Ouch!  Honestly, I was not expecting to be bitten by a rabbit. But, I did get a lovely souvenir to… Read More »Cute but they bite