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August 2021

Congrats to eleven for 7

Congratulations to eleven for 7 amazing years of creating music! I discovered eleven through following Andy Quan who recently released a collab on August 13th called Early Ocean.  Prateek Gupta, known as eleven in the music world, is a record producer from India. eleven… Read More »Congrats to eleven for 7

My blog is now LIVE

Today marks exactly 120 days (4-months) since my book, ‘Hold on please, Emily,’ launched. Since May 1st, my author’s platform has grown and now I’m happy to announce the next phase with the official release of my blog going live… Read More »My blog is now LIVE

Just add ice

Apart from iced tea and fruit smoothies, one of the most popular drinks for the summer is the beloved ‘Tim Hortons Iced Cappuccino’ or the popular ‘iced coffee’ that you can find at any coffee shop. I used to order… Read More »Just add ice