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Life Lessons

Go with the flow

So the day has finally come.  A day to be nervous and excited.  A day to reflect and to look forward.  A day that will be life changing and challenging.  That’s because today I will be starting something new. Life… Read More »Go with the flow

Don’t worry

Don’t worry. No one else knows what they’re doing either. I remind myself this all the time when I’m in an awkward situation, feeling anxious, or lacking confidence. But really, we’ve all experienced this feeling before. This feeling of uncertainty. … Read More »Don’t worry

We are what we wear?

You know the saying, “we are what you eat.” Well, we are also what we wear.  Unfortunately, society judges us constantly. If you’re wearing fancy clothes, people assume you have status and wealth. That’s because our outfits tend to portray… Read More »We are what we wear?