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Book + Music Projects

What's unique about my work?

Unlike conventional literary works, Doris’s projects merge literature and music together. The inspiration behind her projects stems from her passion of harnessing the beauty of words with music. Doris’s book and music projects are in a class of its own and do not fall under one genre. Her goal is to give readers the ultimate reading experience by inviting them to read inspirational writing pieces that are accompanied by music.

Wise Up, Stand Up

(Published on 7/28/2022)

While our words may seem weightless on paper, they carry considerable weight when others hear or read them. This upcoming book shares 101 life lessons, written as quotes, to inspire you to look for the positives in your life. 

When you read quotes, it’s like having a conversation with friends since it can be done anywhere, and at any time you need it. Your words can make a meaningful difference to everyone around you, especially yourself. 

So, let’s wise up, stand up, and get excited about this upcoming book release! 

To learn more about this book, click here. You can also purchase a copy on Amazon today at this link.

Learn more about all 12 artists involved in this collaborative project here and listen to the music on Spotify today at this link.

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Hold on please, Emily

(Published on 5/1/2021)

Meet Emily McGregor. Musician, songwriter, coffee addict, and promise keeper extraordinaire. 

Emily’s life has never been easy. Orphaned at a young age, adversity faced her at every turn, but she persevered by seeking strength through music. Until a run-in with a mysterious stranger, Max Miller, at her favourite coffee shop changes her life. What started off as a curiosity, flourishes into a beautiful friendship sealed between the strings of a guitar. Suddenly, Emily’s world comes crashing down with a brain cancer diagnosis. 

Despite the uncertainties of her illness, Emily continued, holding on to hope and never giving up on her dreams. As Emily fights for her life, Max reveals a shocking secret that threatens their relationship. 

If you’re looking for an inspirational read, get your copy today to discover how one song can change the way you dance in life. 

To learn more about the book and to read reviews, click here. Interested in the music? Click here to find out more about the accompanying novel soundtrack. 

A portion of the proceeds from book sales goes directly to Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. Check out Doris’s campaign here.