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Doris Siu

Go with the flow

So the day has finally come.  A day to be nervous and excited.  A day to reflect and to look forward.  A day that will be life changing and challenging.  That’s because today I will be starting something new. Life… Read More »Go with the flow

Don’t worry

Don’t worry. No one else knows what they’re doing either. I remind myself this all the time when I’m in an awkward situation, feeling anxious, or lacking confidence. But really, we’ve all experienced this feeling before. This feeling of uncertainty. … Read More »Don’t worry

Placebo Effect

The placebo effect is a mysterious thing that has been long researched in medicine. When improvements are observed, despite the use of no active medical treatment (hence a placebo), the placebo effect occurs. Think of giving someone an empty capsule,… Read More »Placebo Effect