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Black History Month Spotlight: Kromatix_

Kromatix_ (aka Matthew Isaacs) | Celebrating Success of Black Musicians During Black History Month

I had the pleasure to release an accompanying novel soundtrack, ‘Hold on please Emily: Songs of Hope,’ with Kromatix_ last year. Check out our EP on Spotify today hereIt is an honour to shine the spotlight on him this month to celebrate his achievements. 

Kromatix_ is Toronto’s rising soul musician who literally puts the ‘soul’ in soul music. He creates feel-good, lyrical music with a jazzy vibe to fit any mood. At a young age, music found him, and since then he released his first single ‘Show U Off’ and solo EP ‘Thoughts & Afflictions‘ last year. Check out his full discography here.

Kromatix_ is now working on his next big release, and recently did a collab with Solomon Alber on a beautiful track called ‘Oceanside.’ He’s a talented musician, but also a wonderful person to meet if you ever have the privilege to connect with him. Kromatix_’s songs are the epitome of musical elegance in the soul community, but also he’s the ideal leader to the Black community.

Matthew is dedicated to sharing his musical talents with people of all ages. He also works for Ignited Learning as a music teacher and offers 1-on-1 lessons for people who want to learn piano, vocals, and ukulele. I’ve never seen a teacher who is as dedicated, professional, and enthusiastic as Matthew.

I had the honour to witness this firsthand as he’s my son’s piano teacher. Matthew actually makes learning fun, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to others interested to learn. Try signing up for a lesson today here, you won’t be disappointed. Check out the marketing poster I designed below.

Thank you, Matthew, for sharing your musical knowledge with everyone, and helping build the next generation of music prodigies.

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