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Unravel Me

I wrote a poem called ‘Unravel Me’ inspired by Rosendale‘s song ‘Boys Feel Sad Too.’ I chose the word ‘unravel’ because it can be defined as solving something complicated or puzzling. We often hide our real face to the world because we try our best to conform to what society says is ‘normal.’ Though, there is no ‘normal;’ we are each unique in our own way and everybody experiences pain and adversity, regardless of gender or background. However, are we strong enough to unravel ourselves to others?

When I first heard this song, I thought WOW. The simplicity and relatability of these lyrics are mind boggling. Plus, the catchy melody made it unforgettable. Eventually, this song inspired my poetic voice on the topic, which you see here.

Check out Rosendale’s music today and be inspired by this musician. You can listen to his song on Spotify

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