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Black History Month Spotlight: Magenta Taylor

Magenta Taylor (aka A.Y.A.) | Celebrating Success of Black Artists During Black History Month

I had the pleasure to connect with Magenta, known as Angry Young Artists (A.Y.A.) to the artist realm, who is also a fan of the anime series Demon Slayer – woohoo, Nezuko! It is an honour to shine the spotlight on her this month to celebrate her achievements.

Magenta is a self-taught artist who used art as a way to express her emotions from her childhood trauma. Despite living with adversity, Magenta used drawing as her escape, which inadvertently unlocked her hidden talent. Soon, she found herself eager to learn more, so she did her own research to understand colour theory and took advantage of the wealth of knowledge in the library.

Magenta’s inspiration comes from her desire to show people a colourful world, like in anime. You can see a sample of her artwork on her profile, and you’ll instantly notice the vibrant colours. And like a true artist, Magenta doesn’t limit herself to certain mediums – after all, the sky’s the limit. She often receives requests from her supporters to bring their idea to life with her imagination. Clearly, Magenta is gifted and what amazes me even more is her motivation behind her craft.

Magenta’s art hopes to inspire others to find their escape. Life can be tough, but Magenta believes that she can be a ray of light for not only the Black community, but to everyone who needs a little bit of sunshine in their lives.

I encourage everyone to connect with her if you’re looking for someone with artistic flare. Follow Magenta on IG and on YouTube to see her beautiful artwork displays.

Thank you, Magenta, for sharing your artwork with everyone, and giving everyone an opportunity to momentarily escape life’s realities.

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