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Just a Kid with Cadmium & Rosendale

I’ve been following Rosendale since 2017 when I discovered his EP, ‘Fairytale.’ I fell in love with his lyrical magnificence as a songwriter. After all, for a wordie like me, I appreciate a well-written song. 

Rosendale creates music with powerful and meaningful lyrics that when combined with catchy pop beats, becomes something unforgettable. In particular, his releases ‘Divine,’ ‘Boys Feel Sad Too,’ and ‘This is What It’s Like to be Gay,’ were the songs that drawn me to this talented artist. The lyrics for these three songs, just like his latest release, ‘Just a Kid‘ are so impactful. Plus, when you take the time to look more carefully at his lyrics, you’ll realize the many messages they convey. 

Many of Rosendale’s songs put into perspective the impact someone’s behaviour might have on others because of their inability to see beyond what society believes as ‘normal.’ Personally, I don’t believe in societal norms, because they do not encompass everyone’s opinions. Honestly, who has the right to define what is ‘normal’?

Although I cannot relate directly to Rosendale’s life experiences, being introduced to Rosendale’s music back in 2017, made me appreciate the importance of empathy and likely influenced my growth as an individual. Everyone should check out Rosendale’s music and they will understand what I mean.

As a child, I’ve been a huge advocate for equality. I never looked down at someone with a disability, looked differently from me, or had a difficult background. Our differences are what make us unique and beautiful; we can all learn from each other and show respect for one another. If you want to read about my story and vision of the world, check it out here

Rosendale’s latest release is in collaboration with Cadmium, called ‘Just a Kid.’ What I love most about this track isn’t the chorus, but the verse: “My life’s a mess / Should be depressed / But I’m not upset.” 

Life is all about perspective; there is always good in every bad situation and this song perfectly highlights this invaluable message hidden between the lyrics of Cadmium & Rosendale’s song

This song made me reflect about my own life and how many of my friends are living more well-off than I am. However, I’m quite happy with where I’m at in my life since I’m following my dreams now as a writer and being able to do the things I wanted to do as a child. So, if it means that I never grow up, then perhaps this is the key to happiness. And ‘Just a Kid‘ hit it on the nose.

Check out ‘Just a Kid‘ today and add it to your playlist. Follow Rosendale on his music journey and you’ll discover how his music will transform you to become an empathic individual.


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