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Black History Month Spotlight: Porsha Union

Porsha Union | Celebrating Success of Black Indie Authors During Black History Month

I had the pleasure to connect with Porsha as an editor during her publishing journey of her debut novel. It is an honour to shine the spotlight on her this month to celebrate her achievements. Plus, if you grab yourself a copy of ‘My Own Strength,’ you’ll notice my review on the back cover too.

Porsha had childhood struggles and trauma, a time where she was unaware of the importance of self-worth and self-love. She shares her story of self-discovery in her memoir, speaking about the power of faith and acceptance, which allowed her to find strength and happiness. Her story is worth the read, so I do encourage you all to check it out. Here’s the link to get a copy of her book.

Now, Porsha is an entrepreneur, owns a traveling franchise company, and continues to motivate others to find their own strength. She has her own podcast show that you can listen to on Spotify called “Porsha Union’s Strength.” I’ve been following her show, and my favourite episode so far is the one when Porsha speaks about gratitudeListen to her show here.

Porsha is an excellent role model for not only the Black community, but for everyone who needs some inspiration to overcome adversity. Thank you, Porsha, for sharing your story with everyone.

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