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If movies can have trailers, books can have them too!

It’s movie time already? But I didn’t even warm up the popcorn! Wait a second!?! That’s a book! Don’t only movies have trailers?

If you have an amazing story and an eye-catching cover, the only thing you’re missing before you launch is the WOW-factor. Books, just like movies, tell a story and what better way to tell it than through pictures. 

By creating a book trailer for your book, you’re taking your marketing strategy to the next level (it’s essentially an extension to 3D mockups). Book trailers are typically 1-3 minute short videos that grabs your reader’s attention. Since your book isn’t a movie (or at least not yet), most book trailers are videos created using still images. If your book is a picture book, these trailers sometimes pan over the pages to give the readers a preview of your work. At times, book trailers have reviews or endorsements to encourage others to make a purchase. However, if you’re really adventurous, you can make your book trailer just like a movie trailer by including real people and real scenes that resemble the plot and setting of your book. This is more common for fiction or memoirs. 

What better way to entice your audience than by creating a custom book trailer that you can add to social media or your website. If you’re interested in creating a book trailer, contact me for more details. 

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