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Movie Review: Adventures of Tintin

I remember watching the classic cartoon series and reading the comics for TinTin when I was younger. So, watching this movie was likely going to be nostalgic. I was interested to see the adaptation behind TinTin because I was curious if the director would give the original material the love and respect it deserved. The origins of TinTin through the 3 comics were blended quite nicely in the movie. Surprisingly, watching TinTin in this version made the typically ‘bland’ character quite interesting. The comical sidekick, Haddock, made the adventure fun to watch 

Thankfully, after having the chance to see it before most people out here in Belgium and everywhere else thanks to a journalist buddy, I found out I can to be none of the above. Spielberg and Jackson and all the team behind the adaptation obviously gave the original material the love and respect it deserved, while making it their own. Kudos for keeping the movie true to the original material. 

The 3D animation was quite impressive and I was honestly more wowed by that than the actual story. However, it was action packed and enjoyable for all ages, especially TinTin fans across the world. 


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