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Man’s best friend

Why are dogs the only animal that has the title as man’s best friend? Here are some reasons why people claim dogs are the ultimate pet:

  • Dogs have great memories: When you come home from work, your dog isn’t going to ask you about your stresses at work but remember all the good times you’ve had together and run up to you for a cuddle. They also remember things that have hurt you or surprised you in the past, so they are naturally cautious of that because they are attentive animals.
  • Dogs are guardians: There are many stories about how dogs saved humans. Dogs can be counted on to serve and protect and can sense danger or strangers. Some are even bold enough to bark like crazy when they are suspicious of someone or something.
  • Dogs have empathy: If you’re feeling down, your dog can reciprocate the feeling. They know when you’re not feeling happy and may start giving you some gentle cuddles to help you break the funk.
  • Dogs are great motivators: Dogs usually help you get up in the morning, start exercising, and encourage you to spend more time outside. Thus, they are the perfect motivator because to take care of them, you are taking care of yourself.
  • Dogs are a great communicator: Dogs look to you to understand your every move. They are more patient when it comes to training than any other animal and know how to get you to feed them, walk them, or play with them. To have a healthy relationship with your pet, you must prioritize these cues from your dog. If you constantly ignore them, it’ll be hard to expect that they will respond to you in the future when you need them to listen. Remember, they have good memory.

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