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I want to ‘Show U Off’ Kromatix_

This is Kromatix_’s first release and I am completely in-love with this song. ‘Show U Off‘ has such a catchy tune and the chorus lyrics are perfect to slide into conversation. I totally see my son singing “I want to show you off” whenever that phrase comes up in conversation. 

I’ve been friends with Matthew for quite some time as he is my son’s piano teacher. After we decided to collaborate for the novel soundtrack for my book, ‘Hold on please, Emily,’ I gotten to know him better. 

I still remember the very first time I heard Matthew play on the piano. It was magical. The way his fingers just moved across the keyboard and the sound that came out was so smooth. That’s why when I wanted to turn my lyrics into real songs, I just had to ask him if he was interested. Matthew was the perfect person for the job and I was thrilled that he agreed. We are still working on the music now, but I’m really excited that we’re on track for a May 2021 release. 

Knowing how talented Matthew is, I am thrilled that he decided to start releasing some music. I was even more excited to learn that this song came with a music video too. This rising Toronto musician is just getting fired up, so give Kromatix_ a follow on his social media and subscribe to his YouTube channel because I got a feeling that this guy is going to have much more in-store this year.

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