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Accompanying Album for Wise Up, Stand Up (Released on 7/28/2022)

The perfect companion for your reading experience is coming this summer. Doris collaborated with a group of 12 talented artists to create an accompanying album that captures their musical interpretation of the life lessons discussed in her upcoming book, Wise Up, Stand Up, to harness the beauty of her words with the magic of their music.

To learn more about the quotebook, click here.

To learn more about each musician and their song in Sonder, click on their names below to read their bios:

  1. “Infinite Change” by with me, with you
  2. “Come True?” by No Mic
  3. “Playtime 2.0” by Low Key Trampoline
  4. “Affinity” by Nate Clover
  5. “Breakthrough” by Ben Jammin’ Beats
  6. “Lotus Blossom” by Kromatix_
  7. “Veracity” by Dcthebeatmaker
  8. “Anechosis” by nate2timez
  9. “Eternal Mystery” by eleven
  10. “Beyond the Horizon” by Offghost
  11. “Arcanum” by Ryan Walker
  12. “Silent Tempest” by Torgny Elgstrand

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Want to Collaborate?

When life is filled with music, we improve our mood and focus, becoming more emotionally connected with ourselves and our voice. Music is a language that everyone understands and it’s everywhere.

Doris’s passion is to harness the beauty of words with music. Books don’t typically come with soundtracks, but hers does! Doris’s author platform merges literature and music through the release of songs that accompanies her books. This is exactly what makes her work unique and why you got to jump on board.

Contact Doris today to find out which of her writing projects needs some music. She would love the opportunity to collaborate with you.