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Meet Offghost

Sonder - Track 10 - Beyond the Horizon

Pedro Cardoso, who goes by the nickname Ghost, is known professionally as Offghost, and is a student and musician from Lisbon, Portugal. At the end of 2020, Offghost began exploring music production. He loved how each instrument had its own characteristics and particularly adored the electric piano.


Offghost broadly classifies his music as hip hop but finds that his music constantly changes as he explores new genres and styles. His music typically tells a story of his emotions and is influenced by songs he has listened to. After all, Offghost sees music as a form of expression, so his creations somehow connect to his life.


Some career milestones include 40k+ streams on Spotify and being a part of an amazing community of supportive artists. Offghost’s first release was a hip hop single in 2020 called “Outer Space.” His first chillhop track was “nightfall,” which marked the beginning of his interest in creating lofi music.


I discovered Offghost through Low Key Trampoline and was amazed by his singles “Snowflake” and “Windy Forest.” His sound connected well with the theme of ‘Freedom & Connection,’ which I assigned to him for the Sonder project. Creating music is Offghost’s escape, and the feelings he gets from producing music are merged into his sound. 

Beyond the Horizon,” which refers to going beyond your limits, is the name of his track on Sonder. It was exciting to build this song with Offghost, and the imagery the song conveys came out beautifully. Offghost started with some piano chords, combined them with drums, and added a kalimba melody. The melody had an additional echo effect to emphasize the constant struggle of fighting for freedom. Offghost added bird sounds to finish the track since birds typically conveyed freedom and connected all the pieces together.


Offghost hopes to continue creating music and growing his career as a musician.


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