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Cute but they bite

Finally! I met my bestie’s rabbit, Penny, last week. She’s adorable, furry, and oh, did I mention – she bites! Ouch! 

Honestly, I was not expecting to be bitten by a rabbit. But, I did get a lovely souvenir to remember Penny by, so I shouldn’t be complaining (hmm, I wonder if this scar is permanent because it’s still here.)

As a child, I always wanted a pet rabbit, but my parents weren’t animal people. The closest I’ve ever gotten to having pets was a bowl of fish that lasted for half a year. I was (and still am) a huge rabbit fanatic – cartoon characters like Miffy, Bugs Bunny, and Thumper were childhood favs. 

The first time I ever had a chance to pet a rabbit was at an Easter event where there were a few for kids to meet. I recall feeding one the first time I went to the zoo on a school trip, and seeing one hop in my backyard from time-to-time. Otherwise, I get my bunny-fix from watching suggested rabbit videos on my feed, just like how people watch cat videos endlessly.

Fortunately, Penny calmed down when she was eating and I was finally able to pet and hold her without losing any fingers. 

If I ever could own a pet, I would still choose a rabbit since I heard that they bond well with their owners. Plus, no matter how many times I get bitten, they still look adorable in my eyes. Just watching them hop around all day puts a smile on my face. 

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