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Fashion without an expiry date

Some things never go out of style. They look elegant, work for any occasion, and can match with almost anything in your closet.

Converse All-Star sneakers (or variations of it) are one of those classic looks that look good with jeans, dresses, shorts, or miniskirts. Personally, I hate wearing heels because my feet just blister like crazy. So, finding a style that allows me to match sneakers with feminine clothing is totally awesome.

Levi’s are timeless clothing, whether it’s jeans, denim jacket, or a dress. The denim look is totally in and it works for all seasons. Sporting jeans with high-cut boots looks great in a bright coloured jacket, and a denim jacket in the fall totally matches the autumn season.

Summer isn’t summer without Havaianas flip-flops (or just flip-flops in general). Plop on one of these and head over to the beach or even a stroll downtown, and the style matches because beach wear is in whether you’re on the beach or not.

Ray-Bans are the king of sunglasses and one of those timeless accessories that work with any summer outfit. Plus, throw one of these on even in the winter, and you’ll look pretty hip.

Burberry style clothing items have been in for quite some time, and although it’s the brand that sells, the iconic check scarf style is something that has become a common sighting in the late fall/winter months.

In North America, it’s almost weird if you don’t own at least one hoodie and it’s usually GAP or ROOTS. The hoodie style with a large logo on front is something that works for any age. It’s great for trips to the grocery store, picking up your kids, or running errands. Plus, it’s a loungewear look that still looks great outside of the house.

Can you think of some iconic fashion items that just work?

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