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Back to School

Today is my son’s first day of school and with school resuming this month, this also means the opportunity to resume my ‘Author Talks’ with youth.

To celebrate the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year, I will be posting a preview of the topics we’ve discussed at my ‘Author Talks’ and offer a in-depth look on how youth respond to the topics discussed in my novel, ‘Hold on please, Emily.’

What's coming up in this 5-part series?

Over the next few days, I’ll be summarize my experience at my ‘Author Talks‘ by discussing the purpose of my campaign and the inspiration I hope to instill in youth.

Want to read more?

Check out the September edition of ‘Hold On‘ to read the full articles on my ‘Author Talks’ and to learn more about how these motivational talks are helping youth. If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter yet, you can get access to read my digital magazine here

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