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How to become a bestseller in your book of life

You see, fear constrains us. It limits our abilities to complete tasks and we constantly miss out on opportunities because of our fears. However, whenever I traveled, I felt fearless because I was never afraid to try new things. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an author, engineer, teacher, or student. Whatever your dreams may be, I guarantee you that you can achieve them if you overcome your fears. Face your fears. Be brave and bold, not just sometimes, but always. When I started writing my book, I was afraid of sharing my words because, like many indie authors, we felt that our voice wasn’t strong enough to handle criticism.

Success is the result of three things: taking action whenever opportunities arise, perseverance (which ties in with closely hard work and patience), and the most important, self-trust. When we can achieve those three things, we transform into a fearless leaders, and success will naturally follow.

Life is like a book. Some of the pages of this book are already filled and we cannot change those pages. The remaining pages are empty, and depending on how we approach life will depend on how we write our unwritten future.

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