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What Spider-Man teaches us

Back in March, I spoke briefly about superpowers using a quote from Spider-Man. That quote was when Uncle Ben tells Peter Parker that “with great power comes great responsibility.”

At the time I heard this quote, it didn’t have much meaning to me personally. I agreed with it and those words stuck in my head, but that was about it.

As I started my self-publishing journey, I discovered that my true passion was writing. All this time, I knew writing was something I enjoyed, but had no idea it was something I was willing to sacrifice time to do until now. Passion is one of those interesting things that you’ll discover when you least expect it. We can love a lot of things, but how many of those things we are willing to put at the top of our priority list because it’s really that important.

It was upon discovering my passion that my brain underwent a full-system reorganization and Uncle Ben’s words that were once archived in a filing cabinet in the back of my mind resurfaced.

We all have a superpower. Some people have the gift of healing and study medicine to become doctors. Others have the gift of teaching and study education to become teachers. Sometimes, we have multiple gifts and we discover our career path with a profession that merges as many of those skills into one position. For me, my superpower is lyrical wordplay, and when combined with creativity, it grants me the power to create words that empower others. It was through writing ‘Hold on please, Emily,’ that I discovered my superpower, and now it is my responsibility to use my superpower for good.

At my ‘Author Talks,‘ I asked the students what they thought their superpowers are. The purpose of asking these students this question was to encourage them to find professions related to their superpower so they can follow Uncle Ben’s wise words of taking responsibility for the powers they possess.

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