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Guest on Jeremy Sutton’s Daily Podcast

I am very excited to share with everyone that I was invited as a guest to Jeremy Sutton’s Daily Self-Publishing Podcast today. 

Jeremy’s podcast is a show designed to be your daily resource for self-publishing success stories, tips, and tactics. Although focusing on the business aspect of books, I was invited today to discuss how books can benefit your career no matter what field you’re in. Jeremy interviews successful self-published authors, coaches, and other experts from around the world to teach you how to use your book to grow your business or brand. He even has a course called ‘Book Boss University,’ which helps writers self-publish their books. 

It was a pleasure meeting Jeremy today and for being a guest on his show. We discussed my book, music, and campaign, and how my book has helped me build a community to inspire others. We touched briefly on my editing career and how I transitioned from a technical writer to a creative writer. It was great sharing a discussion on the power of books and to speak with someone who also went through the self-publishing journey.

My interview will air on September 6th, so check back for the link.

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