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My blog is now LIVE

Today marks exactly 120 days (4-months) since my book, ‘Hold on please, Emily,’ launched. Since May 1st, my author’s platform has grown and now I’m happy to announce the next phase with the official release of my blog going live to the public. 

Back on January 1st, I made a New Year’s resolution to devote time into building my authorship career. When I spoke with other authors about how they’ve built their audience, they stressed the importance of having a blog as a resource for your fans to read your work on your personal website. Blogs are a great way to share your thoughts (even if they are on random things completely unrelated to your book) and to showcase your writing capabilities. 

I’ve been expanding my writing repertoire over the past few years, moving from very technical scientific papers to poetry and prose. I want to learn how to write in all different types of styles/genres because that would allow me to spread my message to a wider audience. 

Blog writing is a bit different than non-fiction and fiction books because the writing style is more conversational. Since January, I’ve been building my blog in the shadows. I started posting my random thoughts, documenting updates and information I’ve learned from my self-publishing journey, sharing reviews, and giving my two sense on hot topics. I treated my blog as my open journal in the hopes that one day others would read my entries. 

Today, I am happy to officially launch my blog to the public. I will continue using my blog as a means to connect with my audience and I hope you will follow me on my writing journey by reading my posts, commenting, and sharing your thoughts with me. 

Currently, my blog will contain articles I’ve written from my digital magazine ‘Hold On,’ to share examples of my writing for those who haven’t signed up as a newsletter subscriber. However, I hope to eventually transition my blog into a resource that’s separate from my digital magazine so I can discuss thought-provoking questions, offer writing prompt challenges, and really engage with my community. 

Thank you for reading my novel & listening to the soundtrack, exploring my website, following my social media channels, and now celebrating the launch of my blog. Don’t forget to check back often to read new posts. I plan to update my blog frequently so stay tuned for more content for your reading pleasure.

Your engagement means so much to me and I thank you for supporting my authorship journey. If you have blog post ideas to share or would like me to discuss something that interests you, feel free to comment below or send me an email. I would love to hear from you. If you have article ideas that you’ll like to see in my digital magazine, then I’m also open to your suggestions.

Happy reading and thanks again for celebrating the official launch of my blog today! This is an exciting update for my author’s platform.

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