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Just add ice

Apart from iced tea and fruit smoothies, one of the most popular drinks for the summer is the beloved ‘Tim Hortons Iced Cappuccino’ or the popular ‘iced coffee’ that you can find at any coffee shop. I used to order that Ice Cap whenever I was out and in need of a cold beverage, but what is the best type of summer coffee for coffee lovers?

It’s a hot and humid day, but you still want your daily caffeine dose, so your first impulse is to reach for a cup of cold brew with extra ice. However, this is where science fails us. If your goal is cooling off, you might be better off drinking a piping hot cup of coffee. But why?

Drinking a hot cup of coffee on a hot summer day may seem like a paradox but try it yourself, and you’ll be blown away by the results. Miraculously, if you sip a high-temperature beverage on a hot summer day, you can cool off because of sweat. Your body’s natural air conditioner is sweat, so the hot liquid draws out heat and cools your body while you’re drinking your hot beverage. Plus, many people can’t drink a super hot cup of coffee straight without burning their tongue, so even the act of sitting down to wait for the cup of coffee to be at a drinkable temperature helps with the cool down process.

What do I prefer?

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