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Congrats to eleven for 7

Congratulations to eleven for 7 amazing years of creating music! I discovered eleven through following Andy Quan who recently released a collab on August 13th called Early Ocean

Prateek Gupta, known as eleven in the music world, is a record producer from India. eleven feels that creating music is therapeutic and his goal in creating these relaxing sounds with catchy melodies is to send the listener on a journey that transcends the reality we are living in. 

My favourite songs by eleven are ‘ember‘ and ‘lilacs,’ and I’ve recently added several of his songs to my work playlist. I was fortunate to connect with eleven who shared the story behind my two favourite tracks. 

’ember’ is a collaboration with tibeauthetraveler who did the arrangement, drums, mix, and master. This song has a lot of uplifting vibes and is the perfect song to help you rise up when you’ve hit rock bottom. 

‘lilacs’ is one of eleven’s earlier songs that actually features an Indian bansuri (flute) and has an up-tempo that is different from the sleepy lofi beats. I was wondering why this song sounded very unique and I was so glad eleven shared the connect to his Indian roots. After hearing the story behind ‘lilacs,’ I love this song even more. I always love it when musicians create music that reflects their identity and I’m loving the vibes and inspiration his music radiates. 

Definitely check out eleven’s music and be amazed at this talented musician’s discography.   

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