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August 2022

Favourite foods?

Food is always a great topic to get people talking. You can talk about places you’ve enjoyed eating at, foods you like, or dishes you know how to make. You can even share recipes if you found someone who loves… Read More »Favourite foods?

The most common typo

Did you know the most common typo in the English language is words that have the combo “ie.” For example, “piece” is often misspelled as “peice” because it doesn’t visually look “wrong” to everyone.  Fortunately, most people can still understand… Read More »The most common typo

Childhood memories?

Some people don’t like talking about their past, so this one can be a challenge for people you just met. But, once you are familiar with the individual, asking about childhood memories can bring about lots of things to converse… Read More »Childhood memories?