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The long-awaited meet

It has been a long time coming … Kromatix_ (aka Matthew) and I had planned to meet up probably two years ago. Matthew used to come over every Thursday to teach my son piano, but with COVID, we paused lessons and haven’t seen each other since. Now, don’t get me wrong. Matthew and I kept in touch often. There were so many late nights when we were brainstorming together – we are night owls after all. However, virtual meets don’t compare to hanging out in-person. Plus, we had to sign each other’s copies of ‘Hold on please, Emily‘ too!

Today, it finally happened. I was excited to hang out with Matthew and my son was the most excited out of all of us, because he misses piano lessons with the king of the keys. But, I think after 2 years of not seeing each other, I got shorter!!! Look at that height difference, haha.

Matthew and I might have connected through piano lessons for my son, but our connection goes beyond that. When I reached out to him to help me create an EP for my debut release, it was him who made the dream of creating music a reality. Since then, we’ve gotten to know each other better and realized how we often are on the same wavelength. When discussing creative content, we seem to finish each other’s sentences. That vibe is so consistent with him and I’m so happy that we’ve built a friendship from this connection.

It was so awesome to catch up and share big news about all that’s happening for each of us. The most exciting thing for me was hearing about Matthew’s upcoming projects and live performances. I hope that I’ll be able to attend one soon because anyone who watches Matthew perform would agree that it’s just like ‘Magic’ (Yes Matthew, I made a reference to the Stevie Wonder song you told us about, “If it’s Magic“).

If you’re interested in checking out some of our collabs, listen to our EP, ‘Songs of Hope,’ and the track “Lotus Blossom” off of my most recent album, ‘Sonder.’ 

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