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Summer with Stardog Lofi

If you’re looking for the perfect summer album, I would highly suggest you check out Stardog Lofi‘s latest album called “Summer.” This album has a very chill hip hop vibe with slow tempos that capture that relaxed mood of a summer day at the beach. Many tracks feature a jazzy saxophone and chill guitar rifts. Plus, while listening, you can imagine yourself just chilling on the beach, surfing, playing volleyball, or going for a stroll along the shore because these tracks does an excellent job capturing the emotions of those beach activities. 

The songs that caught my attention were “See You Soon,” “A Cold Brew For Stu,” “Cake Walk,” and  “serene.” The melodies for these songs were catchy and definitely deserving to go on my personal beach playlist. 

Add your favourite from this collection to your playlist and head over to the beach with some chill vibes today.

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