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Childhood memories?

Some people don’t like talking about their past, so this one can be a challenge for people you just met. But, once you are familiar with the individual, asking about childhood memories can bring about lots of things to converse about. You begin to reminisce with the person you’re talking with and perhaps you’ll find that you both had very similar childhood memories.

Q: What are some childhood memories?

A: My dad used to take the weekends off in the summer just to bring us places over our summer break. We couldn’t afford going on a trip, but he would treat us to amusement parks or somewhere fun and relaxing. I remember visiting Toronto Islands as a child and loving it. The games, the carnival foods, and the atmosphere was just marvelous. Best part was that you can see the city skyline from the other side, and there was a ferry ride too. 

So, what are some of your childhood memories? 

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