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Scenes From Within with Torgny Elgstrand & Low Key Trampoline

Torgny Elgstrand and Low Key Trampoline released an EP called ‘Scenes From Within‘ on April 4th. This 6-track EP is a beautiful collection of acoustic instrumentation with strings, clarinet, trumpet, sax, keyboard, drums, and nature sound. The combination of instruments to create the unique sound was impressive and discovering that these songs actually emphasize storytelling make them even cooler. Really! 

‘Scenes From Within’ is more than just an EP. They describe it as “a personal listening experience that draws the listener out of their own space, and drops them in the middle of a genre-bending fairytale of sound, colour, and texture.” 

If this doesn’t get you excited, then I don’t know what will. What a beautiful way to describe this EP.

Personally, I thought this collection was the perfect release for those spring days when the weather is warming up and you’re spending time either reflecting by the lake or hiking with family. It really captures the beauty of journeying outdoors and the emotions Mother Nature presents to us through the changing of weather.

It was hard choosing a favourite, but I would probably say “Trail of Greed.” The changes in tempo and rhythm were a nice touch. The harmonica totally rocked in that track and I loved it!

Add these tracks to your playlist today and discover the glorious wonders of being outdoors.

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