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Next Book + Music Release!

It’s official! 

I’m pleased to officially announce my next book release and music project by sharing the titles of these upcoming releases. 

Coming later this Spring 2022 will be my next book (a quotebook) called Wise Up, Stand Up: 101 Words of Wisdom.

I’ve come to realize many life lessons that I wished I knew many years ago. So, this book offers my advice, written as 101 quotes, and accompanied by an album called Sonder to complement your reading experience.

Sonder is a collaboration with 12 musicians who’ve created an instrumental track that captures their musical interpretation of the themes discussed in my quotebook. I want to introduce to everyone these 12 talented musicians:

Here are the links to their Instagram pages so you can start following them on their journeys, and begin connecting with their music. 

I’m sure many of you might even recognize their names appearing in my monthly newsletters. Many of them actually released new tracks this month, so check them out and add them to your favs list.

A special shoutout to Nate Clover, who is also my mastering engineer for this album. Also, another shoutout goes to Low Key Trampoline for helping me connect with several of these outstanding musicians, and No Mic for helping me with logistics for music distribution.

Next month, I will do a cover reveal for the book and album, announce the launch date, and share some more previews. The announcements will happen first on Instagram and my blog, so make sure to follow to get the latest news.

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