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The story about Koi fish

Don’t be so koi …

Did you know that Koi fish symbolize growth through obstacles and endurance, and are one of the representative symbols of Japan and China. The incredible colour schemes and patterns on this fish is what makes it so distinctive, but also the role it plays in traditional legends and stories of China and Japan illustrate its importance.

The main Koi fish legend describes thousands of koi fish struggling to swim against the current, but eventually managing to reach the main destination of the Yellow River waterfall. Many of the fish gave up, seeing that it is impossible to climb up the waterfall. However, one Koi fish managed to climb the waterfall despite challenges. When that Koi fish arrived to the top, it turned into a golden dragon.

Essentially, the koi fish represent transformation, change, determination, and perseverance. It symbolizes one’s ability to overcome obstacles to reach the ultimate goal. Truly, this fish isn’t just any fish. It’s a symbol of personal growth and that’s what makes it so awesome.

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