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Winter Olympics 2022

Here’s a Canadian summary for the 2022 Winter Games held from Feb 4th to Feb 20th in Beijing, China. There were 109 events and a giant panda named Bing Dwen was the official mascot. Beijing made history as the first… Read More »Winter Olympics 2022

Season of Love

February is the month of love ♥️ and just like snow, love beautifies everything it covers.  Next month will be a special one for me, and I’m looking forward to seeing how all my book projects progress. With spring just… Read More »Season of Love

Feeling SAD?

January has been a frigid, dreamlike, winter wonderland in Canada. Three weeks ago, Toronto even shut down for almost two days after being dumped over 30 cm of snowfall overnight. Sometimes, the colder weather and shorter days cause people to… Read More »Feeling SAD?

December Update

Today’s announcement comes with both joy and sadness. The happiness feeling comes from the acknowledgement and praise I’ve received from putting together this digital magazine, ‘Hold On,’ over the past 8-months. I felt a sense of accomplishment each time I… Read More »December Update

Brainstorming a storm

October was a month of brainstorming and getting back into my writing groove. I’ve started planning a few future projects and will decide in November which project to focus my attention on first. More to come in the next edition,… Read More »Brainstorming a storm